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Are you interested in buying dry containers? Then you’ve arrived to the right spot, because Progeco Holland can help you with your shipping and storage needs with container solutions. We can give you many different types of containers as well as containers in various situations, such as second-hand or new ones, thanks to our exclusive cooperation with major shipping companies. Discover our entire inventory of new and used container sales products.


Standard Dry Container | Cargo ship containers for sale

Standard dry containers for sale: Cargo ship containers for sale: ISO containers made of corten steel that make loading, transporting, storing, and unloading items simple and quick. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) managed the adoption of the standards, which are outlined in ISO standard 668.

Buy a shipping container from us, all of our containers boxes for sale are available in a variety of conditions to meet your specific requirements:

  • New IICL-6 containers: brand new containers loaded for a one-way voyage to our depots.
  • Used Cargo Worthy (CW) containers are used containers that have been inspected and repaired to make them suitable for transport and storage.
  • Unchecked second-hand containers are sold ‘as is, where is.’

Ship Containers for sale that have been repaired to Cargo Worthy status carry a valid CSC plate. The International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) is a globally recognized safety standard developed by the International Maritime Organization.

All of the containers have an original wooden floor and are composed of weather-resistant corten steel.

Buy a shipping container Every container will be offered in a neutralized (all original logos and prefixes have been removed) and custom cleared state.

We can also assist you with door delivery, painting, and security device installation.

Ship containers for sale

Progeco Holland is happy to offer new, reconditioned, and used cargo ship containers for sale in a variety of situations. We have the ideal container for you, whether you need it for personal or professional use. Buy dry shipping containers online, containers come in a variety of sizes, but the most typical are 20ft long × 8ft wide and 40ft long x 8ft wide.

The used shipping containers that we provide were utilized for international shipping. We buy these containers after they’ve been in use for 10-12 years and put them to varied domestic and on-site storage uses. One-trip or one-use containers are what we refer to as our “new” shipping containers boxes for sale. Standard dry containers for sale, available at reasonable price. This means they are made in another country, loaded with cargo, and then shipped to the United States. They are no longer used for international transport once this is completed. Buy a shipping container from us for best quality.

Containers boxes for sale are incredibly tough and can withstand the elements. They are constructed from 14-gauge corrugated steel panels that are joined to 7-gauge steel frame sections. Every 12 inches, treated 1-1/8″ marine plywood floors are joined to crossmembers. One (or both) ends of a double door can be easily locked. To deter tampering with padlocks, many have protective lockboxes. Cargo ship containers for sale are available of best quality at progeco holland.

Pricing Table

The 20-foot standard container is a 6-meter long variant that is one of the most commonly used in container shipping. It’s ideal for transporting and storing large amounts of cargo.

10′ Standard 20′ Standard 40′ Standard
External dimensions

Lenght x Wide x Height

3m x 2.43m x 2.6m (high), 10’ x 8’ x 8’ 6” (high) 6.058 m x 2.438 m x 2.591 m* 12.192 m x 2.438 m x 2.591 m*
Internal dimensions

Lenght x Wide x Height

2.8m x 2.34m x 2.4m, 9’ 3” x 7’ 7” x 7’ 9” 5.890 m x 2.350 m x 2.391 m* 12.029 m x 2.350 m x 2.392 m*
Volume 23m³ 33 m³ 67 m³
Tare weight 1,480 kg 2,100 kg 3,770 kg

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