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A refrigerated container is an intermodal freight container that may be refrigerated for the transportation of temperature-sensitive (negative or positive) perishable goods including fruit, vegetables, meat, and other similar items.


What are reefer containers?

Refrigerated shipping containers for sale: Refrigerated containers, often known as “reefer containers,” are an essential part of today’s fast-paced economy. Maintaining the cold chain is critical for product quality and safety when it comes to perishable commodities.

When it comes to buying or renting refrigerated shipping containers, we at MT Container GmbH, based in Hamburg harbor, are the first port of call. We’re also the obvious choice for advising consumers on which cooler container is ideal for their specific requirements.

We have a variety of sizes and machinery brands to choose from, with the following being the most popular:

  • Carrier
  • Thermoking
  • Daikin

Refrigerated containers for sale | Used refrigerated shipping container

All reefers are available new (IICL-6) or in Cargo Worthy (CW) condition.

We give a certification for used CW Reefers that includes the CSC plate and a pre-trip inspection control to ensure the quality and performance of our reefer container. Refrigerated shipping containers for sale a

The temperature of refrigerated containers can be set anywhere between -22°C and +22°C, with an accuracy of 0.1°C, depending on the cargo’s requirements. We have the best refrigerated containers for sale.

To allow air movement, all containers have corten steel tight insulated walls and an aluminium T-floor. These containers can hold anywhere from 10 to 33 pallets.

380/460V; 50/60Hz; Plug 32A 5P; 380/460V; 50/60Hz; Plug 32A 5P; 380/460V; 50/60Hz; Plug 32A 5 R134A is the gas.

Every container will be offered in a neutralized (all original logos and prefixes have been removed) and custom cleared state.

Used refrigerated shipping containers for sale, we can also assist you with door delivery, painting, and security device installation.

For easier storage, our reefers can be converted into cold rooms.

What are reefer containers used for?

Used refrigerated shipping containers for sale: You’ll need cooling containers capable of sustaining continuous temperatures as low as -25°C if you’re exporting foodstuffs or other products with a short shelf life. Best refrigerated containers for sale online available at reasonable price. They also ensure that humidity levels stay within precise specifications thanks to built-in sensors. Of course, they’re designed to be readily stacked and carried with forklifts.

Furthermore, if you need to expand your stationary refrigeration unit – whether temporarily or permanently – a reefer container might be a straightforward, low-cost alternative to costly construction work. Refrigerated containers, in fact, are used in far more sectors than you may think.

What are the different types of refrigerated containers?

Depending on their intended application, reefer containers come in a variety of sizes and qualities. Our refrigerated containers range in size from compact 10- and 40-foot units to high-cube 40- and 45-foot variants for maximum load capacity. You may find a table with the exact proportions here. Refrigerated shipping containers for sale is available for shipping all around the globe.

We also have used refrigerated shipping container for sale. We also have a variety of extra features that we may employ to customize our reefer containers to meet your specific requirements.

What is the most important thing to consider when buying a reefer container?

When picking a refrigerated container, cost-effectiveness is crucial. This entails determining the size of reefer container you require, the activities you want it to do, and whether you want it customized to meet your specific requirements.

Are you looking for a basic, fixed model or a state-of-the-art shipping reefer container that can convey even the most sensitive products?

What size refrigerated container do I need?

It all boils down to capacity utilization at the end of the day. Refrigerated shipping containers for sale at progeco Holland.

Used refrigerated shipping container: You may find up paying for capacity you never use if the reefer container is overly large, not to mention losing important storage space to accommodate it. However, if it’s too tiny, you might have to hire more units at busy times. Or, even worse, make do with subpar alternatives. looking for used refrigerated shipping containers for sale, projeco Holland is the best choice.

Pricing Table
10′ Standard 20′ Reefer 40′ High Cube Reefer
External dimensions

Lenght x Wide x Height

2991 x 2438 x 2591 mm 6.058 m x 2.438 m x 2.591 m* 12.192 m x 2.438 m x 2.895 m*
Internal dimensions

Lenght x Wide x Height

2423 x 2284 x 2261 mm 5.459 m x 2.295 m x 2.268 m* 11.560 m x 2.286 m x 2.550 m*
Volume 23m³ 33 m³ 67 m³
Tare weight 2,000 kg 2,900 kg 4,600 kg

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