40ft refrigerated shipping containers

Have you ever wondered how hot it can get out on the water? Consider the items that are being transported. Not all cargoes are impervious to harsh weather conditions. Dairy products, for example, require special handling throughout the voyage. That’s when refrigerated shipping containers enter the picture. The nice part is that you can now rent a refrigerated container.


40ft refrigerated container for sale: This container’s purpose is to provide durability, temperature constancy, and ample capacity. Our 40ft refrigerated shipping containers for sale  gives our customers the most flexibility in terms of application. This container will keep fresh or frozen goods safe when carrying them over long distances and has plenty of storage capacity. The refrigeration system is waterproof and dependable. You can adjust the temperature to match your specific needs.

Our factory-installed high-cube cold storage refrigerated containers maintain consistent temperatures between -20°F and 70°F and have the lowest humidity in the refrigerated industry. The 40 foot refrigerated containers for sale are our tallest and longest refrigeration equipment. It’s also known as cold storage or reefer. Purchase a refrigeration container quickly and easily to ensure your company’s success.

With our custom fabrication choices, you may customize the cold storage refrigerated container to match your needs. The 40′ cold storage refrigerated containers can be delivered quickly and professionally.

40ft High Cube Reefer container

Progeco-Holland offers very reasonable leasing terms on the 40ft refrigerated containers for sale, as well as excellent service and flexibility. The 40ft refrigerated shipping containers are also available for purchase. Special refrigerated containers, the 40ft High Cube Reefer containers. Cooling and freezing are both possible with the Reefer container. We have a huge inventory of 40ft High Cube Reefer containers. Progeco-Holland offers a large network of depot facilities in all of Europe’s major ports, as well as important locations in Asia and the South Pacific, to ensure that clients can pick up and return containers with the greatest flexibility and speed.

New and used 40ft HC Reefer containers

If you need to keep bigger quantities of items cool but don’t know where to start, Progeco-Holland advises our 40ft refrigerated shipping container: it’s tough, secure, and made of the best steel. It will accommodate all of your products and keep them safe and secure while they are being transported or kept. You’re in good hands with our 40ft refrigerated container for sale.

Larger volumes can be stored and transported at minus 25 degrees, which can be modified to suit your items.

The 40-foot reefer container’s huge size allows it to transport more cargo, making it particularly cost-effective for delivering big amounts of commodities. It provides the ease of two 20-foot containers without the hassles and costs of transporting two individual units.

The 40ft Reefer Container is a unique container that uses a cooling unit to operate. This ensures that your cargo’s temperature is regulated to your specifications, making the container ideal for transporting delicate goods that require a constant temperature.

40 High cube non-working reefers are fully insulated containers that provide outstanding storage value and keep interior container temperatures steady.

Shipping Container Features

  • Airtight
  • Fully insulated on all sides
  • Minimize fluctuations in interior temperatures
  • Low interior humidity
  • Constructed with stainless steel and aluminum
  • Weatherproof design
  • Watertight construction
  • Ground-level entry
  • Containers are 30-Ton-Rated
  • Securely closing cargo doors

40ft refrigerated containers for sale

An electric Carrier refrigeration machine is installed in this 40ft refrigerated shipping containers. It’s dual-capable, meaning it can run on either 230V three-phase or 460V three-phase power. If you’re using a 230V power source, you’ll need a separate 50 amp circuit. A dedicated 25 amp circuit is necessary if you are using a 460V power supply. The refrigeration machine can sustain temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on your product) and as high as 75 degrees Fahrenheit. On one end, it has lockable double doors and robust t-rail flooring. Forklift and pallet jack traffic are permitted on the floor.

Foam insulation is used to insulate the roof, flooring, and walls of our 40ft refrigerated container for sale. To avoid corrosion, our 40ft refrigerated containers for sale are built of stainless steel. Temperatures are maintained to a minimum because to the insulation in the walls, flooring, and roof, a characteristic that our conventional shipping containers lack.

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