40ft dry shipping containers

We offer a large selection of 40ft shipping containers available for hire. 40ft containers have traditionally been a very cost-effective alternative for transporting huge quantities of products. They’ve also become more tempting as a storage alternative for households, farmers, and businesses in recent years, containing everything from furniture and household things to cars, farming vehicles, records, and office equipment.


Our in-stock 40ft dry shipping containers for sale are spacious and practical for any shipping or storage need, measuring 40 feet in length and eight feet in width. The contents of a two- or three-bedroom home with a living room, dining room, den, and kitchen will often be stored here.

The 40-foot container is twice as large as the 20-foot container. The 40 foot dry shipping containers for sale are suitable for moving huge quantities of products. 40ft dry shipping containers for sale are available for all of our different types of containers.

We can ensure that customers may pick up and redeliver containers with greatest flexibility and in a timely way because we have a large network of depot facilities in all of Europe’s major ports as well as crucial sites in Asia and the South Pacific. We sell 40-foot containers, but we also lease and rent these containers.

Where to 40 foot dry shipping containers for sale

New 40 foot dry shipping containers for sale units are suitable for secure, cost-effective storage because they are wind and watertight and feature high-quality door seals, making for an ideal storage environment. If you’re looking for 66.83m3 of safe storage, you’ve come to the right place progeco-holland.

Machines and equipment, such as mini loaders and excavators, can also be stored in these containers, as well as retail merchandise, equipment, and supplies. These 40 foot dry shipping containers for sale are built to last and safeguard cargo goods of all types, and they may be purchased or hired at moderate rates to help you stay to your budget.

The largest shipping containers we provide are 40 foot dry shipping containers for sale, which are ideal if you require a lot of area to properly store your goods. They are available in both new (never used) and second-hand models, just as the 20ft containers.

The following varieties of 40ft used containers are available: Dry Van, High Cube, Double Door, and High Cube Double Door. Our one-way shipping containers are CSC plated as standard, making them ideal for a variety of transportation applications.

Best 40 foot containers available online

They’re also popular for home and general storage, and they come with a lockbox. New cargo containers come basic in blue or green, although custom colors are also available.

Dry Van and High Cube 40ft dry shipping containers for sale are available for sale secondhand. Used containers come standard without a lockbox and in their original colour, while bespoke painting options are also available.

Because of its massive size, the container can hold more cargo, making it particularly cost-effective for carrying big amounts of goods. It provides the ease of two 20-foot containers without the hassles and costs of transporting two individual units.

These containers can be adapted for a variety of purposes other than shipping. They can be adapted for usage in a variety of industries, including housing, hotels and leisure, mining, retail, and construction.

The original CSC certification lasts for 5 years from the date of production if you need to transport your New ‘One Trip’ Shipping Container internationally. The manufacture date is clearly noted on the CSC plate located on each container’s twin doors. After the first 5-year period, CSC certification can be renewed.

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