20ft refrigerated shipping containers

Our cold storage refrigerated containers, commonly known as reefers or cold storage, maintain consistent temperatures between -20°F and 70°F and have the lowest humidity in the industry. Purchase permanent or temporary cold storage space quickly and easily to ensure your company’s success. We’ll arrange for a prompt and dependable delivery service. These refrigerated containers are 20 feet long and fit into a typical parking space.


Progeco Holland’s 20ft refrigerated shipping containers (also referred to as 20 foot reefers) have factory-installed refrigeration units that provide the coldest temperatures and lowest humidity of all available shipping container options. They provide heat, mold, and condensation protection for food, chemicals, paper, and other items. The versatility of our 20ft refrigerated containers for sale makes them simple to load, access, and handle.

20ft refrigerated containers for sale , insulated (non-working reefer) containers, and ordinary containers with insulation are all available. When choosing an insulated container option, it’s critical to understand the differences.

A Carrier electric refrigeration equipment is installed in the majority of our units. They’re designed to run on 460V three-phase power. If you do not have 460V 3-phase power, we are able to provide you with a transformer. The transformer will reduce the voltage from 460V to 208V/230V in three phases.

A separate 50 amp circuit is necessary if you are using a 208V/230V power source. A dedicated 25 amp circuit is necessary if you are using a 460V power supply. The refrigeration machine can sustain temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on your product) and as high as 75 degrees Fahrenheit. On one end, it has lockable double doors and robust t-rail flooring. Forklift and pallet jack traffic are permitted on the floor.

20ft refrigerated containers for sale

Progeco Holland has used 20ft refrigerated shipping containers to meet your requirements. Ask your sales associate about possibilities for units in this category now, since there are many various types of functional refrigerated containers available, and we’ll do our best to find the right one for your needs.

A temperature range of 75 degrees to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit can be maintained in a 20ft refrigerated containers for sale. Progeco Holland sells new and secondhand 20 foot refrigerated containers for sale, insulated containers, and non-working refrigerated containers with a variety of refrigerated machinery options.

The 20 foot refrigerated containers for sale are used for cold storage at ground level. They will occupy roughly one normal parking spot.

Cold storage from -25 degrees and up

When you need something heavy-duty and sturdy that will keep your goods frozen during their voyage or use, our 20ft refrigerated containers are the right steel reefers. If necessary, we can quickly modify the temperature from negative 25 degrees to plus 25 degrees.

The Most common reefer size is 20 foot| 20ft refrigerated containers for sale

Are you unsure how much storage you’ll require? Are you concerned that it won’t all fit into a single shipping container? Or are you stumped as to what type of container you’ll need to carry or keep your perishables? Take a peek at our 20 foot refrigerated containers for sale (reefers).

Hire or buy a 20ft refrigerated container

When it comes to securing fresh fruit or easily spoiled commodities that need to arrive at their destination or be kept at a steady temperature, Progeco Holland is here to help every step of the way. Nothing is more frustrating than opening a container and discovering that the contents have been spoiled.

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