20ft dry shipping containers

Do you need 20ft dry shipping containers for small and medium-sized projects or for shipping around the globe? Your needs can be met with Mobile Modular Portable Storage. Our 20 foot dry shipping containers fit in a single parking spot and are ideal for storing items that require more space than a 10-foot container. These containers are easily adjustable to your needs and can be used as site offices or guard shacks, as well as for industrial and commercial storage.


20ft dry shipping containers for sale

These high-quality containers, the most common size of all containers, are adaptable and may be used for a variety of purposes. The majority of 20ft dry shipping containers for sale have doors on one end, but Progeco-Holland has a few of containers with doors on both ends, making it easier to access things stowed in the back of the container.

The 20 foot dry shipping containers are an excellent choice for building site storage, retail stock overflow, quad bikes, motorbikes, general storage, and a variety of other applications.

We provide both a general-purpose and a high-cube option for the 20 foot shipping containers for sale, depending on your needs. The regular version is 0.39m taller than the high cube variant.

Best place to buy 20ft dry shipping containers

The 20-foot standard shipping container is the industry standard for portable storage and intermodal transportation. The 20 foot shipping containers for sale from Progeco-Holland are simple to load, access, and handle. They can also carry high-density items like metal or dried grains while staying under weight constraints.

Our 20 foot dry shipping containers are about the size of a one-car garage and work well in tight spaces. To keep products safely separated, multiple units might be employed.

The 20ft dry shipping containers for sale is intended and built for general cargo transit at sea and on land (road or rail) around the world, and will be acceptable for the environmental conditions imposed by both means of transportation. All materials used in the construction can resist temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius without compromising the container’s strength or watertightness.

  • Steel frames, fully vertically corrugated steel side and end walls, die-stamped corrugated steel roof, wooden or bamboo flooring, and corrugated double hinged doors are used to construct this structure.
  • Corten steel is used to make this piece.
  • 3 coats of paint on the exterior. 2 coats of paint on the interior.
  • Floors made of marine plywood or bamboo with a polyurethane finish.
  • For increased security, use a lockbox (only on new).
  • Complete door seals to keep the weather out and keep the vermin out.
  • Pockets for Forklifts — For onsite movements.
  • Double-locking gear or an easy-to-open door.

What can 20ft containers be used for?

The real question is what can’t be done with 20ft dry shipping containers for sale. The 20 foot shipping containers for sale, by far the most prevalent type of container, has been the go-to solution for the transportation and storage of commodities for decades. They’re also widely utilized for container modification, allowing them to be transformed into cafes, bars, restaurants, offices, retail businesses, sleepouts, and residences, among other things.

How long does the containers last?

There’s no reason why your container can’t survive as long as you want it to with a little TLC. New containers are painted three times and are almost corrosion-free. They require little to no upkeep for a long time in the correct habitat.

Here are some helpful tips:

Always keep your container elevated to allow air to circulate beneath it. The most straightforward method is to use treated wood.
Place it where the sun may evaporate any water that may accumulate on the roof from time to time.
If you are purchasing a used container, it is a good idea to paint the entire container at some point. Paint the roof with high-quality paint at the very least (we also sell Shipping Grade Paint).

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