10ft refrigerated shipping containers

Small portable container with a temperature range of -25 to +25 degrees Celsius, ideal for climate controlled storage and transportation. A system for storing and transporting perishable goods that is both safe and efficient.


This selection of new (one-trip) 10ft refrigerated shipping containers (commonly known as Reefers) and cold storage units is the best we’ve found for anyone searching for domestic temperature-controlled storage.

They all have doors that can be opened from the inside, preventing you from becoming trapped, and they can come with lighting already installed, meeting the majority of the requirements for walk-in refrigerators or freezers (whereas a normal shipping container would not come with these features included, and depending on how you intended to use it you may be required to then fit man trap alarms and escape options).

Buy 10ft refrigerated shipping containers: Please be aware, however, that we are offering you a brand new chilled shipping container. It is your obligation to check that the unit meets all current legislation and standards for use as a walk-in fridge or freezer.

The producers will not guarantee appropriateness for a certain market because these 10ft refrigerated containers for sale are produced to a single universal design and then sold internationally.

Where to buy 10ft refrigerated shipping containers

Disclaimers aside, they are the best-spec units we’ve seen, and they’re tailored to the household storage market. Offering exceptional value compared to any other new comparable sized walk-in fridge, freezer, or ambient temperature store, as well as practically unrivalled build quality and insulation, these units should last an extremely long period if properly maintained (we regularly see 10ft refrigerated container for sale working that are over 25 years old). In general, if you want to acquire a used 10ft refrigerated containers for sale , there will be no optional accessories available (lights, man trap escape options etc)

10ft refrigerated containers for sale

We also provide nationwide delivery and commissioning, and our engineers are happy to provide ongoing maintenance and repair services, including 24 hour call out.

This 10ft reefer container is ideal for on-site cooling. The 10ft refrigerated container for sale can be used to provide additional cooling during an event or as additional cooling support at a storage facility. You may rent or buy 10ft refrigerated shipping containers online.

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