large shipping container

Cor-ten steel is used to make large shipping container which are designed to endure the severe conditions of the sea. From the date of purchase, a well-maintained antique container should last you more than twenty years.

If someone is selling a secondhand large shipping container, you might be able to obtain a terrific deal. They will frequently sell at a lower price than local vendors in order to get rid of the container as quickly as possible. When buying from individuals, however, there are a number of factors to consider, including delivery fees, damage in transit, and not receiving full transparency on the container’s condition. It’s best to continue with caution.

Buying direct has a number of benefits, including avoiding intermediary markups and having access to a much greater inventory. Many tier-1 suppliers only sell to local middlemen and conduct wholesale transactions in bulk. We, on the other hand, sells both to local merchants and to individuals directly. Purchasing old large shipping container directly can save you up to 20%.

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