40ft shipping container for sale

When a work requires a large amount of space, nothing beats 40-foot shipping containers. Progeco-Holland’s large 40ft shipping container for sale are ideal for storing raw materials, extra inventory, equipment, and machinery, among other things. Standard (dry), high-cube, double-door, high-cube double-door, insulated, refrigerated, high-cube refrigerated, open-top, and collapsible-end flat rack are among the 40ft shipping container for sale types available at us, both new and used.

Come to Progeco Holland when you’re looking for the right size cargo container for your storage and office needs. With a range of 40 ft shipping containers available, we rent and sell high-security storage containers delivered to the place of your choice.

We provide used, refurbished, and new storage containers that are 40 feet long and 8’6′′ tall to match your budget and demands. High cubes, which are a foot taller than ordinary cubes, are also available. Our 40-ft containers are great for offices, storage, shipping, housing, and any other unique usage because to their size.

Whether you need a 40-ft storage container for a short-term or long-term project, our models are built to be efficient and profitable. Allow us to assist you in selecting the best choice for your requirements. To discuss a solution, our staff would be pleased to meet with you at your site.

Wind and water-tight 40ft shipping container for sale are available. This not only protects the containers from the outdoors, but it also keeps rodents out. Used containers may have cosmetic flaws that can be painted up. Almost any application will benefit from these.

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