10ft shipping containers

The height of the 10ft shipping containers makes it suitable for storing long beams, industrial machines, and other items. With these dimensions, you could even make the 10ft HC into a usable and comfortable remote office. This is why our 10ft container is marketed as a no-frills, multi-purpose container.

There’s also the option of having something made specifically for you. There are several different types of 10ft shipping containers. ISO steel containers, residential storage, insulated, refrigerated, guard shacks, and custom office containers are the most prevalent varieties. Front open doors, side doors, and roll-up doors are also available.

In terms of storage space, a 10ft shipping containers offers the best of both worlds. This size range is ideal for modest, local operations as well as industrial jobs that require less space. The high cube feature is a nice extra that isn’t too costly. It provides vertical workspace for a variety of purposes.

It can be tough to select the right size without going overboard when considering storage alternatives and freight limits. The finest of both worlds can be found in the 10ft containers. It provides all of the space that a small industrial operation need while not depleting the resources of the environment.

Our Houston container yard has a huge inventory of shipping containers available for purchase and delivery. We also take satisfaction in tailoring containers to match the specific requirements of our clients.

Our 10ft shipping containers are half the size of the popular 20′ HC, making shipping more convenient and affordable. The adaptability of this container size makes it ideal for a broad range of industries and applications.

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